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Ken A. McGinnis, MD

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software design is my product

I specialize in healthcare database design, implementation and maintenance

large projects are my specialty



Dr. Ken A. McGinnis
Healthcare Software Architect

email link: nospam at kenmcginnis.com



1. Finished degree plans in Zoology and Medicine. Minor in Chemistry.
2. Physician/Surgeon, licensed in California.
3. Specialty: emergency medicine and trauma surgery.
4. Previously on the active staff of Mills-Peninsula Medical Center (teaching hospitals for Stanford and UC San Francisco medical schools).
6. Designer of healthcare databases, ANSI X.12 transactions sets for EDI, practice management software, EMR, e-Prescriptions
7. Currently contracted with EDS (now owned by HP) to supply software for their wholly owned companies and subcontractor companies (MACs - Medicare Administrative Contractors).
8. One of 32 founders of the Homebrew Computer Club with meetings at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), Menlo Park, CA
9. CEO of 2 corporations.

  • Cosurgeon in the microsurgical team at the Mills-Peninsula medical center for more than 10 years. 
    More than 1,100 microsurgical reconstructive plastic surgery procedures.
    Microsurgical Reimplantation, Reconstruction, and Rehabilitation: A Team Approach. E. Rose, M.D., K. McGinnis, M.D., W. Johnson, M.D. & T. Kowalski, O.T.
    California Society of Plastic Surgeons, Annual Meeting.
    American Congress of E.R. Physicians, Annual Meeting.
    American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Annual Meeting.
    California Medical Association Annual Meeting.
    Awarded First Prize
  • Training: Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, Tx; St. Paul University Hospital, Dallas, Tx; Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas, Tx; Ben Taub General Hospital, Houston, Tx; Methodist Hospital, Houston, Tx; Scott & White Hospital, Temple, Tx; OU Medical Center, Oklahoma City, OK; Kern County General Hospital, Bakersfield, CA; UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA; St. Mary's Hospital & Medical Center, San Francisco, CA

    Previous active staff: Santa Monica Hospital, Santa Monica, CA; Mills Hospital, San Mateo, CA, Peninsula Hospital, Burlingame, CA
  • I am a contract programmer. I have had a contract to supply software to the J14 MAC (Medicare Administrative Contractor) since 1997. My software was used by a provider to transmit the first valid v5010 X.12 837 transaction set to a Medicare contractor. I was notified of this in writing on 5/4/2011. My e-prescription software is certified by Surescripts and is currently in use by many provider/prescribers. I designed the provider interface as well as the 'relay' web site that transfers XML prescription and refill files to and from the providers and Surescripts approved pharmacies.

    My main interests are artificial intelligence and robotics and healthcare database design. My development computer network has:

    • 12 workstations plus 4 servers and 6 laptops
    • Over 52 terabytes of storage
    • 6 WiFi transmitters supporting a,b,g,n.
    • 150+gb cloud storage for many web sites including full time web sites for Medicare contractors to use for downloading files.
    • Currently managing cloud servers in different, unrelated server farms in the US and UK.